Charitable Giving: Fisch

Please help us support this amazing charity to give the street children of Iringa, Tanzania, a hope and a future. Visit their website to learn more or to make a donation. Charity collection pots are also available in our chalets for any of your spare change during your holiday. Thank you

What the charity FISCH do

FISCH employs a small team of full time local Tanzanian people to provide a range of projects and services to street children and vulnerable children living in Iringa. These projects and activities include:

Saturday feeding project – Breakfast club – Short term accommodation – Food parcel sponsorship – Education support – Drop in centre – After school tuition club – FISCH sewing club – FISCH carpentry club – Long term shelter support – Counselling – Youth club – FISCH United football club – Micro-finance – FISCH Church


Who are Fisch?

FISCH stands for Future for Iringa Street Children. We were founded in 2007 and became a Trust within Tanzania in 2016. Our ground activities are holistic – they target physical, social and spiritual needs which include food, shelter within a family environment, health care, education, moral awareness and children having the opportunity to hear God and the love of Jesus . We always aim to have a direct impact on the needs of the street children.  Our long term aim is for the street children to become self-sufficient, balanced, well rounded and valuable members of the community. We hope that by our actions and presence in the community we might prevent children turning to the street in the first place.

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