Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings with White Horizon Chalets Ltd, registered in England. Company number 05288813.

1. Deposits

For weekly holiday guests we require a deposit of £150 to £250 per person (depending on which week and which chalet you are booking). For apartment bookings, the deposit amount will be set out in any quote, usually 30% to 40% of the apartment rental cost. All cheques must be payable to ‘White Horizon Chalets Ltd’. Deposits must be received by White Horizon Chalets Ltd within 24 hours of making the email or telephone provisional booking. If your deposit is not received in this time, we may offer the holiday dates to other interested parties. Upon receiving your deposit and completed online booking form we will send you confirmation of your holiday booking showing the deposit received and the balance and balance due date. The client who authorises the online booking form shall be liable for all those persons to whom the booking form applied.

2. Payment Schedule

The balance of your holiday must be settled a minimum of 10 weeks prior to the departure date of your holiday. We will email you to prompt you for the final payment. If your holiday booking is made within 10 weeks of the date of departure, payment in full must be made immediately. If full payments are not made in accordance with this schedule, then bookings will be treated as cancellations and deposits will not be refunded.

3. Skiing & Snowboarding

White Horizon Chalets Ltd accepts your holiday booking on the understanding that you recognise the hazards involved in a winter sports holiday. We cannot be responsible for injury sustained at any time howsoever caused. Every guest must consider the risks, make their own judgements, and act accordingly at all times. White Horizon Chalets Ltd cannot be responsible for any inconvenience or discomfort caused by factors out of their control for example; adverse weather conditions or unfavourable snow conditions.

4. Insurance

All guests booking a holiday with White Horizon Chalets Ltd must be covered by suitable winter sports travel insurance including cancellation and medical cover. It is the responsibility of every guest to ensure that their insurance policy covers all elements of their holiday. White Horizons Chalets Ltd will not take responsibility for guests whose insurance policies do not provide sufficient cover for their requirements, whether taken with our affiliated third party supplier or for policies sourced independently. Guests booking insurance through our affiliated third party insurers will have their insurance documents delivered direct from that third party supplier and must ensure they have received these documents before the start of their holiday. Guests may be required to show their insurance documents on arrival in resort. Guests without proof of sufficient cover will be obliged to find a suitable insurance policy immediately. White Horizon Chalets Ltd will not be held responsible for any incident that occurs whilst a guest has insufficient insurance cover.

5. Cancellation & Charges

Our Obligation;

If in the unlikely event that White Horizon Chalets Ltd has to make a cancellation or change to your holiday then White Horizon Chalets will notify you as soon as possible and offer you one of the following, as applicable:

1. To accept the new holiday arrangements.
2. To accept an alternative holiday accommodation type or date, at no extra cost.
3. To cancel your holiday and receive a full refund in respect of your holiday cost with

White Horizon Chalets Ltd. White Horizon Chalets Ltd will not be liable to refund you for any incidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of the booking.

Your Obligation;

If you are obliged to cancel your holiday booking you must inform White Horizon Chalets Ltd in writing immediately. You will incur costs on the following scale:

1. Over 10 weeks prior to departure: Loss of deposit.
2. 10 – 5 weeks prior to departure: Loss of 60% of holiday cost.
3. 5 – 3 weeks prior to departure: Loss of 80% of holiday cost.
4. Under 3 weeks prior to departure: Loss of 100% of holiday cost.

6. Behaviour & Damages

White Horizon Chalets Ltd expects all our guests to conduct themselves in an orderly and acceptable manner and to have consideration for their fellow guests. White Horizon Chalets Ltd reserves the right to refuse to further accommodate any guest guilty of behaviour that we deem to seriously impair the enjoyment of other guests or which threatens the condition of the chalet. The guilty party will be liable for the cost of any damage so caused. Full payment for any such damage must be made at the time to ourselves at a rate of cost determined by White Horizon Chalets Ltd, or any third party involved. If payment is not made then the guilty party must indemnify us against any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us as a result of their actions.

7. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of White Horizon Chalets Ltd to ensure that every element of your holiday with us is provided to a reasonable standard as described in our literature. White Horizon Chalets Ltd shall not be liable for damages or refunds as a result of:

1. Any event or circumstances which that person could have predicted or avoided if they had taken all necessary due care.
2. Any event or circumstances that White Horizon Chalets Ltd and it’s employees or suppliers, could not have foreseen or forestalled even with all due care and attention.
3. Unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of White Horizon Chalets Ltd such as strikes, wars, civil or political unrest, quarantine restrictions, government action, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, etc.
4. Injury, illness or death due to any activity, including skiing or snowboarding on or off piste, at any time during your holiday.
5. Loss, theft or damage to belongings, including personal and hire ski or snowboard equipment, at any time during your holiday.

White Horizon Chalets Ltd’s terms and conditions do not seek to exclude liability for illness, injury or death caused by our negligence. Where we are found to be liable under English Law, damages may be paid only if the following conditions are met:

1. You must inform us of the incident while you are in resort. Details of your claim must be submitted in writing to our UK address (14, London Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2AG) within 28 days of returning from your holiday. In cases of illness, injury or death, a doctors letter is required.
2. Any rights that you have against any third party, if involved, must be transferred to White Horizon Chalets Ltd. Should White Horizon Chalets Ltd or our insurers enforce these rights, you must agree to fully cooperate with us or our insurers.

8. Transfers

White Horizon Chalets Ltd do not provide transport from the UK to the chalets in France. Where we have passed the details of a third party airport transfer company to you, we are not responsible for their actions nor can we accept responsibility for delayed transfers due to factors outside of their control, for example traffic, other guests, vehicle or equipment failure and resultant missed flights. We recommend that all guests ensure that their travel insurance policies cover for missed flights and any other incidental costs resulting from delayed transfers.

9. Complaints

White Horizon Chalets Ltd has a procedure in place in order to resolve any problems or complaints as soon as possible. Any complaints should be made clear to the chalet staff as soon as they arise, giving the details in writing. You must allow our resort staff at least 18 hours to investigate the matter and to take action in light of your complaint. If the amendments are not satisfactory then your complaint must be followed up by a written detail of your complaint to our UK office no later than 14 days following the end of your holiday with White Horizon Chalets Ltd.

10. Passports & Visa

It is the responsibility of all guests to be in possession of a valid passport and/or visa and any other necessary papers. White Horizon Chalets Ltd will not take responsibility for any guests who are refused entry to their country of destination, nor for incidental costs incurred. Please note – Geneva Airport is in Switzerland which is not an EC member.

11. Information

Any information or advice provided by White Horizon Chalets Ltd on matters such as weather conditions, snow conditions, clothing and mountain equipment, is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of White Horizon Chalets Ltd.

12. WIFI Internet

Where we advertise that our chalets or apartments are equipped with WIFI internet, whilst we will do what we reasonably can do, we cannot guarantee continuous and uninterrupted internet connection in your chalet or apartment, due to circumstances which may be beyond our control.

13. Hot Tubs

It is White Horizon Chalets Ltd policy that for many reasons (health and safety, noise disturbance) any outdoor hot tubs cannot be used after dinner. Breakdowns will be handled as quickly as possible but specialist repairs may take days, especially if replacement parts need to be ordered. We are not able to offer compensation should the use of the hot tub not be possible.

14. Website

To the best of the knowledge of White Horizon Chalets Ltd, all website information is correct at the time of writing. Resort information cannot be guaranteed due to changes which may occur at any time outside the control of White Horizon Chalets Ltd.

15. Smoking Policy

White Horizon Chalets Ltd operates a strict no smoking policy inside the chalet. Smokers are welcome, but we request that they smoke outside the chalets and dispose of their ash and used cigarettes sensibly.

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